Masterful or Master-filled?

Traditionally, Thanksgiving has marked the beginning of the “holiday season.” From this weekend through Christmas, excuses abound to gather with family and friends, indulge in too much food, and shop with reckless abandon. As I consider all I have to be thankful for and look forward to the craziness that revolves around the upcoming Christmas season, I take this moment to consider that an all-knowing God freely provided not only an atoning sacrifice for my immeasurable sin, but a Comforter to console and teach me, a living book of promises to guide and lead me, and an army of fellow travelers purposefully placed in my life to buffet, chastise, coach, encourage, soften, hone, and better me. What a wonderful Father we have. To Him I give thanks for His moment-by-moment provision, love, and balanced discipline. On that note, I leave you with my musings hoping that you, too, will seek to be more Master-filled — this season and beyond.

Masterful or Master-filled?

As I was driving to work one morning berating myself for a poor impromptu interview performance, I was pointedly asking the Lord what I needed to do to be more masterful with my verbal language. Why can’t I shoot from the cuff with poignancy, wit, and pizzazz? I’m an articulate, educated woman with personality, or so I’ve been told. Why does my brain shut down when given the opportunity to publicly speak? What is it about me that prevents not simply my thoughts from reaching my mouth, but any well-constructed example from ever forming? Frustrating!

It was then that the Lord impressed upon me that my focus was askew. Do I long to master my speech, thoughts, and expressions? Absolutely! But, why? Because I want to be praised for my ability? Because I want the glory, notoriety, influence, and prestige that goes with eloquent speech? Yes, if I’m truly honest with myself I must admit that I want those things. I want to be accredited, acknowledged, valued, and appreciated for my wit and insight.

But more than human accolades, I desperately want my life to glorify the Lord. I want my outward expressions to breathe life, peace, and joy into those I encounter. I want all those who come into contact with me to leave with a blessing. I want to leave the people God places in my life or allows me to touch in a better place than where I found them. I want to add value. I want to add grace.

As I was contemplating all of my heart-cries, it occurred to me that rather than seeking the eloquent, to truly accomplish my bigger objectives I need to shift my aim from masterful to Master-filled. To be Master-filled, I must continually seek His direction and guidance in my life by spending time in His word. He is my source of joy and peace; therefore, any benevolence I am able to leave with others is simply a residual effect to what He is doing in my life. Only by His grace will my life, expressions, thoughts, and words reflect His goodness and be more Master-filled.

Lord, thank you for your provision, example, and ever-present patience. Please help me to be a blessing to those that cross my path. Let me be a beacon where your character shines brightly, a safe harbor for those caught in tumultuous seas, and a steady, peaceful, encouraging influence to those you lead my way.


4 thoughts on “Masterful or Master-filled?

  1. Lorie says:

    This is also my prayer Traci, thanks for putting it into words! I am reminded and encouraged to be more “Master-filled.”

  2. Grant says:

    Traci, Your thoughts are clearly inspired and … inspiring. Thanks for sharing your heart, your talent with words and for being such a good witness. I am so proud of you.

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